Customer Implementation Best Practices for SaaS companies $5M+ in ARR

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Hi Everyone! 

I just learned of this site today from the VC who recently invested in my company. I’d love to connect with individuals who have successfully scaled SaaS businesses from $5M in ARR to $10M+. For context, I oversee everything post sale - making sure our customers get onboarded onto our system, trained, supported, and then managed by customer success. 

I think the biggest challenges have to do with implementation. Our implementation is set up in 2 phases - we start by working with the customer to get their company’s data formatted and uploaded into their system and then from there we do the training/transition onto the platform. 

I would love to connect with people who have managed implementation departments / love some advice on best practices for creating the best organizational structure and just overall processes in this area of the business.

We are currently using HubSpot. 

Thank you in advance,