HIPAA compliant alternatives to Zendesk?

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Hi all! 

I am beyond ready to replace Zendesk for our helpdesk/customer service platform. The challenge, is that I need a HIPAA compliant system to replace it. Any recommendations for platforms I should demo?


  • ashley_martin
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    Not sure if it is HIPAA compliant, but have your tried Jira?
  • kmulhalljr
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    Hi Kristin - a couple of questions: 1) What ZD product(s) are you currently deploying [I personally use ZD for Service and Sales]? 2) What other products in your tech stack integrate with your ZD environment? 3) Beyond HIPAA, are there any other compliance statutes a replacement product would have to meet? 4) What level of product support are you looking for from this new vendor?
  • Martin Edgar
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    A couple of orgs I work with use HelpScout and Freshdesk, both have HIPAA compliance capabilities. Not a big fan of HelpScout for other reasons whereas Freshdesk is more robust IMHO.