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Hey everyone

I’m looking to move into my first CS ops role and have a few interviews lined up. I’m really nervous but also feeling a bit of imposter syndrome.

Id really love to know what you would look for in a cs ops candidate and what type of questions you would ask. I want to be well prepared so any support would be really appreciated.



  • ashley_martin
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    @Chitra Madhwacharyula I think is currently writing a book on CS Ops. Do you have any good advice for Mashal?

  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    I have been in ops for a year and CS for many more. I would look for someone who understands the needs of CS, can be ready to implement and advise based on experience and be fine with letting the CS leaders own the strategy and decisions.

  • Chitra Madhwacharyula
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    Agree with Brian. Lead with data and talk about your expertise with CS tools or CRM tools, ability to build dashboards and reports to support your CS leaders and general experience you have with operations.

    Don't worry about imposter syndrome. There are very few CS Ops specialists around. It is an evolving field. Exhibit your enthusiasm and knowledge regarding CS and Ops and that will go a long way. All the Best!

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