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Gain Grow Retain Community Badge and Rank Program

You matter. Gain Grow Retain is successful because of you. Your insights, comments, and thoughts shared with others in the Customer Success realm allow us to provide value, learning, and collaboration opportunities, and we want to recognize your efforts!

There are so many ways to engage and participate on the Gain Grow Retain. From engaging in the discussions, participating in the Success Network volunteer program, to attending our Office Hours and/or live events.

Now you can earn badges and other rewards while you engage with your peers!

Be sure to fully read this information so you understand the program and policies.


You can achieve different ranks within the community based on the number of points you have earned. Your rank will be displayed next to your name when you post or comment. These ranks are the large-scale view of who you are within the community, and come with perks and opportunities as you level up.

Earning Points

  1. Complete user tasks (profile pictures, bio, LinkedIn profile URL, notification set up)
  2. Engaging with content benchmarks (commenting, liking, etc.)
  3. Monthly challenges and hack-a-thon participation
  4. Contributing content (Office Hours, Blog, etc.)


Badges are one way we can recognize your contributions for the role you play. Each badge comes with points that contribute to your Rank, and are displayed on your profile.

  • Some badges are automatically awarded to you. A message will be sent to alert you to your new accomplishment.
  • Other badges will be awarded based on a request submitted to you. On the list of badges, if you have earned a badge marked with an *, simply click the link next to it and submit. A notification will be sent once it is awarded.

Community Engagement Badges

Take a look at the many ways you can earn badges just for participating in the community here

Campaigns and Limited Edition Badges

While many of our badges and points are earned for community behaviors, we will also run campaigns with limited edition badges that you can work towards throughout the year.

Badge of the Month

Each month we will post a discussion post that allows you to connect and earn a unique badge. Contributions should be thoughtful (we want to see input rather than 'following', or 'I agree'). All participants meeting the criteria will receive the corresponding badge automatically at the end of the engagement window.

See the questions and the badges here

New Member Onboarding

We want you to be comfortable in our community, and have set up some tasks to get you started. Each task will result in a badge and earn points towards your rank.

Been a member of GGR for a while but haven't completed some or all of the tasks? You can get points too!

Check out the process!

Content Contributor

A great community has a variety of content options for members to engage with. We want to recognize those that are helping share knowledge

Take a look at the program here