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Hi! We recently implemented internal CS QBRs as part of our quarterly GTM kickoff weeks. Curious if folks have a specific format that has worked very well for the QBRs and/or other content/workshops/etc. that have proven to be valuable during GTM kickoff weeks.


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    Tagging in @Julie Fox @Amanda Watson @Dan Ennis @Bob London - any feedback here? Thanks!

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    Could you develop why CS QBRs are integrated into GTM kickoff weeks in your organization?

    On my side, we have WBR, MBR and QBR to manage CS activities (forecast, résults, etc.)

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    I am going by memory here but we had an internal QBR deck template we used in our customer success organization and the slide format included:

    1. revisiting the performance outcomes the CSM had set out to achieve in the previous QBR. Were they met or not?
    2. outlining the ARR expansion opportunities forecasted for the upcoming quarter. CSM is expected to go into enough detail and include any threats or roadblocks
    3. outlining the logo retention risk or ARR risk in play for the upcoming quarter. CSM is expected to explain what is being done about this and clearly articulate a plan.
    4. one slide outlining key data such as forecasted GRR and NRR performance in the upcoming quarter
    5. outlining the objectives and goals being set for the upcoming quarter which fall in line with the team goals. For example, how many EBRs and PPMs do you intend to conduct? How many customers do you intend to convert to a referenceable account? What specific expansion opportunities do you intend to close and for which customers? Etc., etc.