What is your process for creating data-driven slide decks?

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Hi all,

Our CSMs are spending entirely too much time manually preparing data to be formatted in slide decks. Automating this would save so much time!

How are your teams handling this process? We want our CSMs helping customers make data driven decisions using this information so we feel it is valuable to automate. I am considering Matik.io as a solution and I am curious if others have different tools they use or have used Matik.

Bonus points if you have an example business case you prepared for this that I could learn from!



  • Cheryl Luft
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    We currently use Gainsight, but find their success snapshots tool to be lacking in automatically building a deck based on a template seamlessly. We're currently doing an assessment for a few other vendors and they have various levels of functionality for this. Some allow for exporting reports/dashboards via PDF, Google Slides, etc; others have a customer portal or advocate for showing dashboards live to get a better look at the data.

    Ultimately, we are looking to save time by being able to combine the use of a tool for cross-functional visibility, but also providing our CS org with value from the data they are inputting.

    Bookmarking this post to see any success stories in automating this type of work. Thanks for starting this thread!

  • dsquires4406
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    Thanks @Cheryl Luft ! We don't have a proper CSP like Gainsight. Instead we actually are using our own platform to make one in Airtable.

    I wonder if this thread tipped off someone at Planhat because I received an email about Planhat being able to automatically make Google Slides via their Customer Portal. Maybe this is something for you to consider.

    What vendors are you looking into? I have personally used Matik.io at a previous org and loved it. The only drawback is it is not built into a CSP.

  • Iain Russell
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    Funnily enough, I brought in Planhat to my last company to do exactly this and for the same reason. It does what it says on the tin.

  • ianwelles
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    We are focusing on dashboards and live data. Slides are throwaway and out of date the moment the are saved. CSMs, if they are doing Business Reviews, can speak to the live dashboard that are shared to all parties.