Questions for divisional SVP when interviewing for new VP of CS role


Hello, GGR Community!

I've read the many past posts about what interview questions you may be asking of new CS candidates but I'm flipping the script a bit here: I'm headed into 3rd and final round of interviewing for a new VP of CS role. Super excited! I think I've been very thorough with my interviewee-posed questions thus far to current CSMs, Sales, Product & Operations leadership.

In my next and 2nd conversation with an SVP for the division, who needs to offload revenue and CS functions to this new role, I want to ensure I've thought of everything.

Anyone have ideas beyond these below I've already asked to ensure I'm turning over all the rocks?

-vision for next 1-3 years in revenue and function

-top 3 qualities in the VP that they SVP is expecting

-milestones this VP must hit in first 3-12 months

-age, size and renewal rate of current client base

-opportunity for or current attempts at cross- and upsell

-metrics/KPIs currently used

-specifics about product roadmap as they expand Saas alpha product from predominantly service/project based revenue

THANKS and Happy Holidays to all!




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    Hi, @CharRobbie! I have nothing substantive to add, but I did want to offer my congratulations and send you best wishes.