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Carmit Proper
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Working with products, VoC program and managing feedback from clients: How do you currently do it? do you use any tools? Previously used Slack, Notion, Excel files... etc, but was very difficult to track and manage. I've started to explore tools and came across something that seemed really good, but want to understand what others do


  • Meg Valentine
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    Hi Carmit,

    In the past I've used tools for Product customer feedback such as Product Board and Confluence. However, these aren't very good tools. I found some excellent alternatives though:

    1) Clickup - but it might be a bit overkill depending on your needs. It has KanBan boards for sprint tracking, etc.

    2) Like Product board, but better, this one is one I really like - ProdPad - check out

    This shows details of the ways it can be used both to capture & store customer feedback and then move that quickly and easily to the Product team.

    I like this one called User Voice: because it gives the customer feedback a place to live

    But 3) Pendo and 4) Convas are good too and less expensive.

    Another option is User Voice but it's really more of a feature questionnaire and feedback storing tool.

    Let me know if you try any of these as I would like to know how well they perform for you. :)

    Meg Valentine

    Sr. CSM

  • Carmit Proper
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    Thanks, Meg, I am going to check your recommendations, very helpful. I want to make sure it can integrate with existing systems (like ticketing, Slack, Hubspot, etc.) and can also spot automatically separate requests for features, that can be merged into one and save me a lot of time doing it manually.

  • himanshu
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    Hello, Camrit.

    You may try getbeamer

    I used this one and it let me rapidly gain client feedback and mood for the new update; you can push new feature updates into it and collect data effortlessly.

    I've never tried, but with Zapier, you might be able to link this to any centralized CRM like hubspot.