Org chart for 100 employees

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im Building a sample org chart for how our company might be structured for 100 employees (we are currently around 25 employees).

I know this question is void of much context but I’m trying to understand the pros and cons of having Customer Success report into a CRO vs Customer Success report directly to the President.

What are the pros and cons of either scenario? Is there another scenario to consider?


  • Deb Pearson
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    We are a larger organization but I have found after doing customer success for many years is to clearly separate Customer Success from Sales. While the two work closely together and CS needs to clearly understand new opportunities or upsells. I do not want them to be viewed by customers as sales people. I want them to be viewed as the advocate, orchestrator, go-to person when they have a concern.

  • Andy Chandler
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    It depends on how lean your organisation is trying to be and where your focus for growth is.

    A strong, independent customer team that reports into the President will inevitably have more of a focus on avoiding churn and getting the voice of the customer into the company.

    A CS org that reports into the CRO will be more focused on upsell and revenue growth as that's what a CRO is tasked with doing.

    A few factors to consider could be

    • Are you looking at having a CCO, ie someone who is at the same level as the CRO with the same voice at the executive table?
    • How much are you looking to have your customers help develop the product vs already achieving product market fit and wanting to grow the reveue from the customer base?
    • Are sales closely aligned with selling the product as is today or is there a lot promises that tend to be difficult to delvier?
    • What is your Customer team focused most on, upsells, support or success?
    • How much of an issue do you have with churn and how much of a focus is solving that for the President?

    For me personally it comes down to skill set and matching to what you think you'll need as you grow. Customer Success is a different skill set to Sales and you need both to be successful.

    Good luck with the growth