Curious about what should be included in a playbook, and ideas on where to begin creating them. #st

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    We include the following: 

    • process overview - short doc outlining the purpose, overview, tasks, and key responsibilities
    • guides - how the responsible role should execute the play
    • Supporting content - tools used in executing the playbook, e.g. an EBR template for a business review playbook
    • KPIs - how will we measure this process across the team?
    • enablement guide - training materials on how to run the play
    • system requirements - how will this process be deployed and managed in our CRM or CS platform. 

    Last point is important. If the playbook isn’t managed and measured in a system its not really a process. 

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    I think it really depends what type of playbooks you mean. Currently, we have playbooks which are 

    • Manuals: how to set-up a new customer from the back-end
    • Playbooks for meetings/calls such as an Orchestrations Meetings: sort of a call template including 5 questions that you should be able to answer after the call, and a custom bingo
    • Playbooks for "scenarios" like a Champion leaving or a low adoption
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    Great comment, @Jay Nathan I add the connection to other playbooks for planned stages of the customer journey (i.e implement ==> onboard ==> adopt), and triggers for event-based playbooks (sponsor loss, Health Score drop)