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Jordan Clark
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Hey everyone!

Does anyone have any recommendations for products that work well for onboarding, product releases, tutorials, product adoption, etc. for CS and Product teams? I've been looking at solutions like Pendo, Gainsight, Lou, Userpilot, Amplitude (product side only), and a couple of others. Ideally looking for recommendations that people have used at early-stage companies since my budget for these solutions isn't very high yet. Understandably I may need to combine two different products to get the full package for CS and Product.





  • Tanuj Diwan
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    1. Intercom can be used for creating product tours, help articles, also we can use their chatbot for sending personal messages to users to prompt them for some action. It is also useful for customer success teams to reply to the queries of customers. Go for their early-stage startup plan at 49 dollars a month. You can apply here, https://www.intercom.com/early-stage

    2. Segment, can be used to track events from the product like Signup, feature used etc and Mixpanel/Amplitude can be used to converts those events into insights. Segment & Mixpanel you can use upto 2 integrations in the free plan. 

  • Brian Hartley
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    Hey @Jordan Clark you may check out UserLane.  I was impressed by their demonstration but don't currently have it installed.  Their pricing was good for our small team though.

  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    I am currently Beta testing Hello Baton for onboarding. The idea is that most onboarding has a defined set of tasks. so I have created templates and use it to assign, comment, pass docs, etc. so much better than Smartsheet!