Question for CS Leaders: what benchmarks did you feel were necessary to being strongly considered fo

Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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Some I have heard from close CS friends

  • Get familiar with P&L based decisions
  • Lead a customer success project
  • Coach up a specialist, associate, or underperforming CSM
  • Work in a key segment and excel in that segment
  • Develop an internal process

What were the things you, your mentor, or your leadership checked off your list before recommending your promotion?


  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    This is a great question Kevin. 

    • To me the first point you made is a critical one. If you want to step into a leadership role you have to understand the P&L. And it goes beyond that - you need to understand the entire financials of the business - and in particular how your team is impacting it. Each decision has an impact that flows all the way down to CASH - learn about that. 

    A few others: 

    • Experience in other departments can be a plus - if not full-time, how did you work on a project cross-functionally
    • Preparing reports, presentations, etc. that ultimately get shown to the executives or board members - concise analytics is a major positive as you move up