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Okay GGR community, need your help. I am starting a new job with a new company tomorrow! I just finished reading The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins. What else should I be reading, thinking about, doing, not doing, have at it!! No stone unturned, thank you! 



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    Firstly, congrats on the new role @Mike Hirsch ! Take it easy, breathe. You’re in, you’ve earned it. Observe, Analyse, Strategise and then Execute. You got this and we got your back here at GGR :) Cheers ?

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    @Mike Hirsch - great question. Three things I think about when approaching a new position..

    1. Internal Perspective - find out from your leaders or Executive team. Who are the right people to engage early on in the process. Get on their calendars within Week 1. 
    2. Data Perspective - what data do we currently capture that helps to give us a snapshot (Retention, Churn, NPS, CSAT, etc.). Start to get a handle on what this looks like and who has access to the data. Note gaps from your previous experience. 
    3. Customer Perspective - find a good cadence but interview somewhere around 50 customers within the first 30 days. Nothing beats the customer experience and hearing it from the horses mouth. 


    Those are 3 perspectives I like to start with. 


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    Thanks Kevin! 

  • Mike Hirsch
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    Love this, thanks Jeff! 

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    Create yourself an onboarding plan.
    Write yourself a 20 second introduction script.
    Start a document or workbook where you can organise your ideas/thoughts/concerns/questions etc.
    Learn all you can about the product and/or service you deliver, the market, competitors etc.
    Identify who you need to speak to/learn from in the org and set up time with them.
    Learn about your customers, how the business engages with them and what problems you solve for them.
    Set up regular meetings with key people in your world - or ask about what regular meetings/events you should invite yourself to.

    Not doing
    You have 2 ears and 1 mouth - use in that ratio - listening is key.
    Don't tell people they are doing things wrong - or that your old company did it better.
    Don't try to be a hero.
    Don't make commitments to do things or fix things too early - make a list for sure, keep it to yourself until you know what will add the most value - if it's ben an issue for 3 years, is it really that big of a deal?

    Thinking about
    How does what you're learning apply directly to your role - you want to be focussing on the things that are in your control and that add value, not getting distracted by everything you hear and see.

    Difficult to be more specific without knowing your role or the company, I would be happy to help though if you DM me.
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    I have created a 30, 60, 90, 180 Day plan that I have used at recent jobs. It has been very well received when you can show your visible plan.

    Let me know if you have any questions and happy to discuss directly.

    Paddy Carr

    Director, Customer Success

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    First of all, congratulations! Watch the podcast with Jay, Jeff and Kristi from earlier today. They had some really useful advice. Best of luck!
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    Congrats on the new role!

    Identify who's going to make your job easier and who might pose as a challenge to your function and establish a camaraderie with them. 
    Shadow different parts of the CS org
    Try to get your hands on a sales demo (maybe jump on one as well)
    Understand your competitor better than anyone - lean on marketing for this

    Other info I'd try to gather - if you have a board/investor group, who are they and why did they invest? What is the 1 thing that keeps them up at night as it pertains to your business?

    Keep the conversation open with your leaders consistently!