Can anyone share a sample QBR template (frameworks) for a CRM Software (Salesforce, etc) ?

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Hi Team, I have been given this challenge of building a QBR template for our CRM software and I need help. As this would be the first one, so I want to make it something that will set the benchmark for the global team. What metrics do I include- Deal conversation rates, Sales cycle?

Keeping mind that my audience will be director of sales, CRO, Head of CRM - I’m wondering won’t they already also have pipeline review meetings, deal discussions, etc 

How do I add more value apart from these to avoid redundancy?


  • Brian Hartley
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    @Sidd Great question.  Probably a lot of answers too.  Some other thoughts you may consider - good news is you will have a lot of data points to play around with.

    • Overall use of the tool, including new feature and module adoption
    • New features that will directly benefit your customer based on what you know about their business
    • Perhaps some type of ROI...not sure what slice but you could look at investment in your tool in conjunction with closed won deals, etc.  Again a lot of ways to look at ROI but you have the data
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    This is great to start with @Brian Hartley , thank you for sharing these pointers. Will reach out to you for some inputs after I have a basic layout prepared. Hope you don't mind :)

  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    wish i could answer Sidd, but I don't have a CRM product. However, I am sure there are many overlaps. I think this should be worth a conversation we could brainstorm together. email me at [email protected] and we could set up a call.

    Especially since there are some things I am trying to wrap my head around that I am hoping to get some additional eyes on.

  • Sidd
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    Sure @Kevin Mitchell Leonor that works for me. I’d definitely like some guidance too, would be good to chat. I’ll set something up within this week or next! Thanks 

  • Kelly Hook
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    HI @Sidd. In general, the best Executive Business Reviews or QBRs tend to be specific to that customer's goals and your industry. I'm in the supply chain industry and our customers use us to manage data trading with their customers (doc types like purchase orders, invoices, etc). We set up templates in Confluence and edit the document in real-time in front of the customer. Our EBR's typically include Director of Supply Chain, and/or CIO, CTO, and customer champions. The basic structure of our EBR's to-date has been:

    1. Executive Summary 
    2. Attendees & titles
    3. Highlights & lowlights over the last quarter or 6 months
    4. Transaction volume trends with Orderful 
    5. Chart showing how we're doing against success criteria 
      • High-level completed vs remaining work, if relevant (our customers are self-service but we give the executives a view they can't see in the product)
      • % of accepted vs rejected transactions (basically, have they been able to save $$ with us)
      • Support SLA and types of tickets
      • Current on-site resources maintaining our software (have they been able to reduce or maintain headcount as they scale)
      • Anything specific or relevant to this particular customer
    6. Priorities and Commitments moving forward (this is where we talk about their business objectives)
    7. Product Feedback if relevant
    8. Notes for next EBR
      • We always ask what can make this the most valuable use of their time and what analytics they want to see in the future. 

    We don't necessarily go from 1-8 in a linear fashion, we try to navigate the page in real-time and take notes as we go. It keeps it interesting and caters to a more executive-level dialogue. That's why I much prefer to use a Confluence document over a deck. You can also customize the look to feel more fun/modern. 

     We're also working on automating a dashboard view for Executives and reducing time spent on EBRs. 

    Hope that's helpful!


  • Sidd
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    Thanks a lot for these insights @Kelly Hook - This is super useful and I like the way you've categorised them into 8 point agenda. Do you split this into 2 sessions as there seems to be a lot to cover or?