What tools are you using to keep non-value account details (like notes, and org charts)?

Elizabeth Bukys
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I've been researching this for weeks now and it seems like there isn't a good step forward from CRM into highly focused account management, where you can expect a group of accounts to fit the same general format of things you'd like to track and be able to flip through when bringing the account up/developing it, but that aren't individual values you can drop into a CRM. Things like org maps/reporting structure/key stakeholders maps, customer journey maps, and meeting notes with some sort of tagging (so I can tell what kind of meeting it was and WHO it was with, what action items were, etc).

When you get to the stage where you're doing more handholding and heavy relationship development, what tools are you using to track this kind of information? What other information do you track related to this?


  • Brian Hartley
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    Hey @Elizabeth Bukys I am not sure if this is entirely relevant but I hear people speak highly of both people.ai and troops.ai.  I personally haven't used either but wanted to share.
  • Shari Srebnick
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    HI Elizabeth,

    For notes with tags (tagging people, type of meeting, etc), tasks/action items, activity and/or time tracking, reporting, etc - we use a CS software platform.  The customer journey stages are created by us based on how we have that mapped out.  Contacts and appropriate roles are also in the software, but not in a mapped out format.  For that, as I had mentioned in another thread, it is in our Account Plan, which we can upload into the software.  

    I think if you want a more elaborate mapping system, Brian's recommendations sound like the right place to look.
  • Russell Bourne
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    @Elizabeth Bukys I believe Gainsight has an org chart mapper, they unveiled it at Pulse 2019 but admittedly I haven't had an opportunity to use it.  I recall when it was released, you had to manually enter the people into the chart, i.e., it didn't help with contact discovery.  Maybe comb through LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do that?  Unfortunately that's very manual and won't work in a tech-touch situation.

    To me, the biggest challenge with your question is how to keep your content up to date.  True of org charts, notes, etc.  You can have CSMs put a lot of time into updating those things and before you know it, the data is out of date.  I'd love to hear from people who feel they've nailed that down.