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Hi everyone, my first post, so apologies if there is already a thread elsewhere.

CS teams and leaders often discuss how important it is for our organisations to back the culture of customer success enabling our CS teams to make a difference.

What I found in our org (may or may not be similar in other orgs) is that employees who get on with their day-to-day activities on the front line (Engineering, Shared Services, Support, DevOps etc.) never really had the time to step back and think "what is a saas business all about" and therefore underestimate the financial impact of not being customer renewals focussed.

To combat this I created a well-polished 20-minute video explainer, relevant to our business all about why renewals are absolutely key to saas businesses and how each department fits into the customer journey, rolled it out to everyone during a half-hour "lunch and learn".  The feedback was very positive and I've noticed a change in the way that other teams are now approaching their work - with customer centricity and renewals as the primary goal.

I realise it takes more than one video to cultivate a customer success culture, so that's the start of a series of videos I'll be rolling out to our organisation to help everyone understand what our customers actually do day-to-day and how our solution plays a part in that.

I put it out there as a suggestion to those CS leaders who may be struggling to see organisational buy-in.  I certainly was struggling previously, however since publishing the video I now see a less restricted path to get us to where I'd like.



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    Love this idea @Sudip Ghosh. ?  Case in point that education can make a big difference in behaviour and how people see the situation.

    How have noticed the impact in CS?