Evaluating your CSMs

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As the end of the year approaches, how are you planning to evaluate your CSMs? Specifically thinking aside from the objectives/KPIs such as GRR, NRR, NPS, etc.


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    Curious to know why you think this is an end of year activity.

    Dave J
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    Hey Jeff,

    Evaluation, in my opinion, is an ongoing process and not just something done at a specific time interval.  

    Annual reviews and mid-year reviews are likely the more in-depth conversations that discuss progress, goals for the upcoming year, development opportunities, setting of expectations, alignment on all of these items, etc..  Your weekly 1:1's (or whatever cadence you use) are the place to continue that conversation, tracking progress, and course correcting where needed.

    Think of it in the same way you do with your customers:  You set goals at the beginning of the year, meet regularly to track progress, have a mid-year EBR to review where you are/where we're going, all leading up to the renewal conversation to discuss our partnership for the next 12 months.  The relationship with your CSM's is no different.