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Dan Cook
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Are your onboarding processes different for your Enterprise/High-Value segment vs. your Mid-Market/SMB? If so, how do they differ?



  • Pam Micznik
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    And how do these processes differ if your customer base is for small businesses. (Small businesses can differ significantly to even medium sized businesses.) What do you do for solopreneurs/ tiny organizations?
  • Jordan Silverman
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    We use a similar onboarding process for all client sizes, just invest a lot more time and attention as you go upstream.

    1) Every client has a dedicated CSM who they have a kick off call with
    2) Every client uses our onboarding team to help them get the program populated
    3) Every client follows our training process
    - https://marketman.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030507892-Our-Training-Schedule-What-to-Expect-

    Key differences:
    - SMB trainings are group trainings vs 1 on 1 for mid-market and enterprise
    - Mid-market and enterprise have additional trainings based on goals and requirements

    The second bullet is key. We have built a one size fit all for SMB and customize within the framework for larger clients.

    We will continue to refine this, but we have found that having a process that loosely fits everyone is best practice. Then customize based on not only client size, but also client segment.
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