Customer Success in Education Market

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Customer Success in the education market is unique. Buying cycles are short and usage is lumpy or not at all during the Summer.
What ways have you increased adoption and retention in this market?


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    I am quite passionate about HE teaching and learning and I am lucky to have quite a lot of customers in my book from the educational sector.

    Indeed, the usage can be lumpy or completely missing during the summer, as well as during the assessment periods for us (we provide interactive presentation software, so no teaching almost always means no usage), but those times are the ones that provide the most opportunities for a CSM to work more directly with the stakeholders on the specific initiatives/projects that will help each organisation succeed in the upcoming semesters. The lack of usage here is not necessarily negative.

    Each university (or high school for that matter) have their own specific ways of working, schedules and are always unique when it comes to what drives them and what the educators within that organisation need in order to succeed and further develop professionally. Some need peer-to-peer learning, so the CSM needs to establish a group of Champions within, that can inspire and educate their fellow colleagues. Some prefer external guidance and motivation, so the CSM should drive trainings and workshops, especially if those can contain facts and findings from research papers or stories from other universities. Etc., etc. All of those have one thing in common though - the CSM is actively and continuously involved. It requires high touch support and it requires the CSM to know each organisation in as many details as possible.  

    For me the educational sector is the easiest one to retain, as long as the CSM is working with each organisation on how the software/product/service that is being delivered is actually enhancing the teaching and learning experiences, or the academic ways of working. Everything is about student-centered learning, widening participation, easy processes, inclusiveness and engagement and if your product helps any of those - great! The educational institutions are the ones that appreciate the value they get out of products and services the most, to be honest, as the outcomes are usually very visible and can be linked to academic success. 

    Sorry for the essay! Feel free to message me separately if you wish to talk more about the topic. Good luck!