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Maddie Blumenthal
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Hi All!

I have been tasked with building a product expert certification process for our customers.  A series of learnings/tests that will make our admins/power users FieldPulse Certified.  Has anyone built this from the ground up before?  Any thoughts on where to start?  How do you best decide how many "classes" are required to complete levels, etc...?  Are videos best? Any guidance would be much appreciated!


  • Ben Lewis
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    Hey Maddie!

    I haven't built one out but I've been part of some projects where we looked into them, in all cases we opted not to do anything official.
    From what I've seen it can be useful to decide on the platform that you're using first so you can build out your process within the constraints of the platform.
    General guidelines that I've seen is to use videos, provide supporting text if possible, and chunk the sections into videos that are 5 - 30 minutes in length.
    The levels are normally how many videos it takes to complete a discrete topic.
    I have seen some cases where there will be an initial level that covers the basics before going in-depth about specific topics.

    Do you already have a process for how your users are trained on your product?
  • Rich Alessi
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    @Maddie Blumenthal

    I built exactly this at my last job (it worked!) and am in the process of building the same thing now at my current job.  It's too much to type up but I can chat with you for 10-15 min and give you some advice.
  • Pam Micznik
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    Hi @Maddie Blumenthal,

    Did you get your answers about Certification? I focus on Customer Education, certification is part of that. I'm open if you'd like to talk.