Using HubSpot as Customer Success Software

Ben Wanless
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Is anyone using Hubspot as their customer success software tool? If so, how did you set it up?

I am looking to set it up using Hubspot's deal functionality. We have deals for sales and once they become a customer, we move to a new deal for Onboarding and then afterwards another deal flow for Customer Success. 

Has anyone done something like this and how did you do it? 

How did you add things to track customer health, products they use, or their VIP/Non-VIP status?


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    Hi @Ben Wanless , I’m new to this community and just browsing around the discussions. I’m the CS Lead at a small start-up also using Hubspot as the main tool to scale CS (in combi with Jira, Slack, G-Suite..). Would love to connect with you and share ideas!