Is there a GGR slack channel yet? Would love to connect there as well

Colin Smith
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  • Sidd
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    We don't have a Slack channel as yet @Colin Smith 

  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    @Colin Smith I'm curious to learn more - we've thought about Slack. Could you explain further the value you'd see in opening a Slack channel? 

    (We're genuinely trying to do some real-time market research!)

  • Camille Acey
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    Please no more Slack channels. I am drowning in them!

  • Sidd
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    @Jeff Breunsbach - As I mentioned, the only thing lacking in Tribe is the mobile app. Apart from that via Slack we can leverage 

    • Private messaging
    • Channels (Private and Public)
    • Easy to switch between various workspaces
    • Ability to instantly record video messages

    Only problem I see is information overload where we wouldn't be able to keep track with the posts or the 10k Messaging limit. 

  • Vlad Shlosberg
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    It's obviously not the same, but there is Success Driven and a few other CSM Slack based communities already. Personally, I like this is not Slack based - is more searchable and doesn't lose as much information.