"Social Media" Customer Support

Matt Myszkowski
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Hi All,

For those of you that lead support teams or are accountable for a support team, can I pick your brains.

Do you utilise social channels to provide support?

How does this work? Do you have your own social media accounts or do you utilise the corporate company ones?

What is the impact on your business?

Thanks, Matt


  • Sandra Guadagnoli
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    HI Matt, happy to discuss the strategy I used in my company and the results

  • Brittany Newman
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    Hi Matt! 

    This is a great topic! My support team does utilize FB and IG through our corporate FB account. They are "moderators" so they can't make posts, but can reply/comment on posts as the company. The marketing team posts the content, and then my team is responsible for replying on the posts/DM'ing back to any comments. We market direct to consumer, so we have an opportunity with those posts to get them to convert to leads. Most of the time the questions asked are the same and my team has templated answers that they tweak to make sure they fit. 

    Hope this helps! Would love to hear about others experiences!