CSM and Configuration/Implementation Specialist Communication during the On-Boarding process...

Tim Gilhooly
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Hello All,
I am interested to hear from you all regarding how and when the Configuration or Implementation contact at an organization is communicating with the main customer/client. For example, a CSM will initiate a Kick-Off Call, Welcome Email and Initiate the On-Boarding process.   When it comes to the helping the customer start the implementation/configuration process, who owns the communication with the customer?  Do you introduce the configuration or implementation specialist to work 1:1 to help the customer quickly configure (gather documents, upload company contacts, integrations, etc...). 
And of course, The next step is training.

I understand this depends on organization size and structure, use case, product.

Thank you for your input!


  • Scott Morgan
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    Hi Tim,
    The CSM is introduced either late pre-sales or just after the contract is signed for the kick-off. I am assuming the process for the product is Sales > signed contract > kick-off > set time to onboarding and training > Onboard and train for what is getting used > adoption. Also assuming the onboarding is part of professional services. The CSM is there to make sure the customer gets the desired outcome. In this case, the CSM acts more like a project manager during the onboarding process.  The CS is part of the kick-off call, the weekly stand-up calls, and receives the status reports. The CSM works internally to remove any internal blockers, such that, that onboarding is seamless from the CSM company side. The CSM may also, keep in contact with the economic buyer or technical buyer to keep tabs on the customers state of mind with respect of the project. If the customer is not seeing the outcomes, a success plan get to be put into place to drive success. Even if the customer is not holding up their side. In this case, it is important to know the executive sponsor, economic buyer, and the technical buyer. They would need to know about the lack of engagement on their side and answer for that. Once onboarded, the CSM farms the account and verifies the customers outcomes are continually successful.
  • Jordan Silverman
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    @Tim Gilhooly I agree with what @Scott Morgan wrote here.

    The CSM is responsible for making sure the client goes from blank account to successful and happy. For onboarding and training that means way less x's and o's and way more project management.

    As Scott said - during initial stages a CSM should look at their responsibility as removing obstacles from success, and helping the client get activated as fast as possible without actually doing the training and direct work.
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