Customer Success Manager to Account Director

Janet Cassar
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Hi everyone!

I'm curious to know if anyone here has ever thought, wanted or had the opportunity to go from a CSM to a sales job such as an Account Director. Any thoughts or comments?
Any real life experience and feedback would be greatly appreciated. 



  • Abby Grant
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    Hi Janet,
    This is a path that we have seen success with at my company. In some cases the CSM had prior sales experience (SDR) and had moved into a sales role, which certainly helped from a mindset aspect - but we've seen it work with a CSM without any prior sales experience, too. The Account Directors who were previous CSMs have a very deep understanding of the our product and processes, which lends itself to solid account management. It also has enabled them to work seamlessly with CSMs and understand the challenges the CSM faces. Happy to chat more if you're interested!
  • Devin Stevens
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    Hey Janet,

    I've worked & managed teams in Professional Services, Sales & CS. Would be happy to chat/share experiences if helpful! (feel free to message me directly)
    My quick advice. Make sure you fully understand the sales role prior to the move. Depending on the company/role obviously, it can be a HUGE change to carry a quota, be responsible for your own biz dev/prospecting, etc. 

    Transparently...earlier in my career I didn't fully appreciated how much work sales can be until I got to experience it first hand. I had a very warped perspective of sales being only fancy dinners, emailing order forms, and big celebrations. Those things absolutely happen in sales, but there's a lot more day to day that is required to be successful in sales. All that being said, some of the best sales people I've met came from consulting, solutioning, or CS roles prior to sales!

    Best of luck,