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Hi All - What templates have you used to help justify promoting a CSM?

Working through this process right now and with our small HR team, and we do not have a defined process for promotion. We've built an informal business case using achievements that include KPI's for IC and personal projects, and yearly manager assessment. We've also identified leadership qualities and career asipirations.

How have you packaged this all up into a formal template? 

Any help is greatly appreciated



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    @Michael Buccellato I am sure there are others on this forum that are more knowledgeable on this.

    The revenue side of our company (sales, marketing, CS) just went through this exercise.

    My VP of Marketing, who has done this at other Saas startups, presented this as job leveling. Basically build a ladder from entry level to Chief Customer Officer and all the roles that fall within.

    Here is a snapshot/small piece of it:

    In addition to these we have training team, onboarding team, etc. that all flows together into one cohesive customer success people growth strategy. I think it is really important that each person on the team knows what it takes to move up.

    To get from IC L1 to IC L2 we put descriptions of how to move up -

    3 to 6 months of good net churn, customer happiness, $50k+ in portfolio

    I hope this helps! Happy to chat more in depth on this.
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