What customer facing tools/platforms do you use to track customer implementation? [Enterprise]

Petra Makaremi
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Hi GGR gang! 

I'm curious what platforms have proven to be invaluable in tracking implementation & customer comms with your enterprise customers. We have a somewhat long and complex implementation phase that comes with too many spreadsheets and timelines, shared among many stakeholders across departments on the customer side.

Any advice much appreciated! 

What we're looking for:

- ability to visually show timeline

- visualize adoption matrix across our product & customer's apps - what's currently in focus, product already in production, what's implementing etc

- share product updates (in our case monthly iterations) and what they include (think Jira epic)

- project tracker to wrangle all the lose ends like issues worked on [ideally an option to allow customers to comment - think Jira ticket)

I think we're down to either using a platform like docsend to house all the individual spreadsheets and documents, or something like Airtable/Monday/Trello. Goal is to have a seamless customer experience with a single go to location that's fun to interact with (ie not Jira since our audience isn't only Engineers).

Many thanks in advance!



  • Dilip Kulasingam
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    Hi Petra,

    Take a look at  Teamwork, a SaaS project management tool that I've used to manage enterprise implementations. It allows you to store all relevant documents and the ability to collaborate with your customers.

  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    Hi Petra, 
    There are 2 tools that I usually recommend that are tailored to implementation. The first is Baton (https://www.hellobaton.com/), and I just started seeing Rocketlane and I am super impressed. These tools are very much focused on the project management aspect, with the goal that you will have templates with repeatable tasks. As with all implementations, there are areas where you are dependent on customer deliverables and you can assign and tag and share docs and status within both tools. Happy to chat about either- I think they are much better than Basecamp and Wrike/Smartsheets, which is what I see alot of. 

  • Daniel Zarick
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    Hi Petra!

    What you're asking for is exactly what we do at Arrows, it's customer onboarding and implementation software like you're looking to use. Would love to give you a demo if you're interested, or you can sign up for a free trial (no credit card needed) and play around on your own.

    We also launched an Onboarding 101 guide earlier this week with some helpful tips for improving customer onboarding in general: https://arrows.to/resources/onboarding-101/
  • Mark Ace
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    We've been evaluating GuideCX and a couple others listed in this thread. We have not adopted anything yet, but we've had excellent support from GuideCX in our trial period.