Team Goals and Quarterly Bonus

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Hi Everyone!

I thought I posted this yesterday but I dont beleive that it actually posted. 

I run a CS team that has 4 groups: PMO, Implementation, CS and Change & Enablement.  
This is the first organization that I do not have the responsibility for ownership of renewals.  We do have expansion targets, but no actual goals tied to revenue which makes quarterly targest and bonus structures diffucult to set. 

Has anyone been responsible for a CS org that does not have revenue targets and set up a quarterly bonus structure? 
What have you based your targets on?  Did you have a company goal that everyone aligned to? 
I am trying to establish a goal that everyone on say the PMO team is aligned to: EX - All customers set to go live in Q2 are live..... 

Any thoughts?  
This is not as black and white as having to have align to renewals.  This seems very subjective to me and I really would like to put something a bit more solid in place. 

Thanks in advance! 


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    Hi Allison,

    I've seen what you are describing a couple of different ways.  Mostly it's a combination of client results (adoption, etc) and CSM actions (response rates, touch points, etc).  

    The client adoption side is arguably the most important CS metric anyway, as that directly impacts renewal rates.   I've always set hard targets for my implementation/CS teams - ie, 90% clients 'adopted' (requires a hard definition of adoption) in 90 days.  For existing client you can tie  variable comp to continued adoption / usage.  

    Beyond adoption more traditional CS activity metrics work here.  I've used things like touchpoints, exec business reviews completed, and even cross sell leads submitted.  

    The trick here is not making the variable comp equation too complex.  The more metrics you have the more challenging it can be to manage the results.  

    Let me know if you want to connect 1:1 to discuss in more detail.