Getting a tech touch program started for a SaaS

Carlos Ascanio
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Good day everyone! I am new to this community and so far i'm liking how helpful everyone is.

Currently I'm researching everything about tech touch programs since our CX department is interested in creating one.  I would love to know any real examples you may know of them (or if you do it) as well as:

  • How are the customers targeted? do they base the content on what the customer has purchased, their use case, their industry, their persona, their region, etc?
  • Where are they sending it from and how is it managed?
  • Some best practices
Thank you!


  • Jordan Silverman
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    Happy to chime in here on how we do things.

    We use Totango to manage campaigns + LucidChart to visualize the customer journey.

    Our tech touch is based mostly on customer outcomes.

    The idea is that each company has a goal when they sign up for our software (MarketMan). The CSM records what that is on the kickoff call in Totango.

    Based on that goal campaigns are triggered automatically to help customers achieve them. 

    This is of course really high level - happy to dig in deeper if beneficial!
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  • Nicholas Ciambrello
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    Hey Carlos

    Im very much interested in creating my own tech touch system for my company as well. One of the best examples I have seen of building a tech touch approach is through this webinar that came out of Pulse Everywhere in 2020. Its from a company called 8X8 they have over 80k users at a low price point. He talks about making many systems work together in Gainsight but talks about other alternatives outside of Gainsight as well. Check it out worth the 30 min watch