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Dima Vovchak
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Hi folks,

I have been listening to the podcast for some however I am new to this community so apologise if this question has been asked and answered previously.  I have started a CSM function in my company and want to put the folks through some education.  Does anyone have courses you've been through or can recommend it would be much appreciated.



  • Matt Myszkowski
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    Hi Dima,

    I will kick off - I have been impressed by the content provided by @Andrew Marks's team at https://successcoaching.co/

    Great feedback from my team of CSMs - most are new to the CS function but even the ones with expereince have taken something from it.

    Can talk it through if you need.
  • Emily McIlwain
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    We recently implemented Practical CSM and we've been really happy with it.  When I vetted CSM training programs I found that many (not all) CMS trainings are tied to some software.  I really wanted a training system that was not tied to any specific software and was focused on the CSM learning alone. 

    Happy to chat if you have additional questions. 

    Emily McIlwain
  • Brooke Carrie
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    Great question! I am doing the same thing. I was planning on having my team do the trainings at https://successcoaching.co/.
  • Jordan Hopkins
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    I recently started the Level 1 training with SuccessCOACHING and it's getting better and more practical as it goes. Overall, I'm finding it helpful. 

    My only experience with Practical CSM is through LinkedIn Learning, and it too seems pretty solid. I can't offer a comparison though between the two paid trainings.

    I'm definitely open to other certifications, so I'll be following this convo. ?
  • Dima Vovchak
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    Thanks Matt, Brooke and Emily for your responses.  All roads seem to lead to the same providers which is fine, its great to validate we are all on the right track.  We also attended a CS course put on by Cisco training which was more Enterprise High touch focused but quite good.  

    Emily, we use ChurnZero as CS platform and they have some really great content which is partially tool independent.
  • Sophie Quinn
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    Hey Matt, 

    I am about to get my team and I to go through the Success Coaching courses. Did your team do the live certificates or the online resources? Would love to hear thoughts on the different ones. 

    I'm New Zealand based, so am unable to do the live sessions. I wanted to make sure the online courses were worthwhile while too.
  • Shari Srebnick
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    Hi Dima,

    Not related to any specific certification track/course, I had @Bob London work with my team on asking better questions and actually listening vs jumping in to solve a problem or sell a solution.  It was really valuable and my team walked away with some simple tactics that they could apply right away ... and they did with great success.  They leveraged that information and generated some quick wins - one specifically about an upcoming renewal that seemed uncertain.

    What I loved most was that it pushed the team out of their comfort zone and enabled them to feel truly empowered.  It helped them remember that they are a strategic partner and committed to their (the customer's) success.   I'd highly encourage reaching out to Bob. 
  • Kathleen Fava
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    Hello Dima,

    I'm taking the individual certification for CCSMP at Practical CSM. What I've seen so far is that the program is detailed and comprehensive. The training materials are first-rate, and it's tough enough and complete enough to be able to say you have a CCSMP (or whatever the team version is) and have it mean something. 

    Best of luck!