Our recent lineup has been on fire!

Jeff Breunsbach
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We're continually recording podcast episodes... 
  • The impact of your words w/ @Linda Matthews
    • Relationships are built on a foundation of "words" - those matter in times of excitement and in times of stress, Linda mentions a few ways she coaches her teams on those scenarios
  • The SaaS business model w/ Richard Owen
    • How the business model is driving a need to think differently about the customer and how we make them successful
  • Digital customer success w/ Dan Steinman
    • Get down deep about some gaps missing on teams when they try to lead into a digital-first strategy for customer success
GGR: The Podcast
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GGR: The Podcast
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  • Shilpa Sharma
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    edited December 2021
    Hey Jeff! Glad to see the impact through podcasts. My name is Shilpa and I'm the co-founder of Flyte - an automated voice recognition platform that generates call notes and action items right after a call. Is there a way we can explore partnership?

    Happy to schedule a call to discuss further!
  • Dana Alvarenga
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    Hey! Would love to be a future guest on the podcast if you are still booking. Partnering with your customers to build their brand would be the topic I would love to chat about!