Relationship between different CS Teams!

Larissa Carlotti
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Hi, guys!

I work at a software reseller/ consulting firm, reselling cybersec software from companies like IBM, Forcepoint, OneTrust, etc. The thing is, those "supplier" companies also have their own CS teams. I'm wondering, whats the type of relationship/ responsabilities between:


IBM CS Team (supplier) -> LEADCOMM CS Team (my own) -> Client. 

Do you have any tips?



  • Celine Bocchi
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    Hi Larissa,
    In general our CS teams are kept quite separate.  When one of our partners resells us, we have made sure it is clear in the contract is it our team or their team who will support the client.  we offer the same training / certificate and database of resources to the reseller's CSMs so in theory they should have the same basic knowledge. On occasion the client can have both CS teams supporting them for separate topics which sometimes overlap a bit. it is encouraged to work in partnership when possible, have a few alignment calls, or occasional meetings together.