Gamifying Adoption?

Jason Kobs
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Hi CS friends, 

Has anyone had any luck or have some suggestions around gamifying the customer journey?  We've run some tests with cohorts to help drive platform adoption using badges and swag with mixed results. 

We are B2B but trying to tap into B2C learnings as at the end of the day, we are still talking to...people.  



Jason Kobs
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  • Ed Powers
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    Hi @Jason Kobs--

    In my consulting work, I do behavioral economics in CX design and I've found that certain 'nudges' work well in certain cases and not so well in others. Case in point is this article, which you may enjoy reading: It describes how motivation (intrinsic vs. extrinsic) moderates effects, and this jibes with my experience. Nudges work if primary motivators are present, but don't if they are absent. 

    Happy to chat about how to apply behavioral economics in an effective way. Email me ( and we can set up a time to talk if you're interested. 

  • Hisun Kim
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    Hi @Jason Kobs

    We are also testing out gamifying customers' onboarding journey. As @Ed Powers said, some nudges works and others don't, really based on the context.

    Happy to chat and compare notes with you. DM me plz. 


  • Stella Ikhnana
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    Hi Jason,

    A great example of gamification is Trailhead (the program that teaches all about Salesforce).

    They have created a Trailblazer community, mixture of self paced modules and on demand videos, and projects people can complete as a path for "hands-on" learning. 

    As a Special Education Teacher of 10 years, I can say this is one of the BEST ways to teach individuals that will sustain their attention and increase engagement!

    Open to chat more if needed, happy to connect with you on LinkedIn: