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Loukas Gkoutis
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Hi everyone,

I really appreciate being a member of this community and I enjoy reading about all of these topics every day.

So, we are planning to use Intercom chat and we were thinking that every CSM should add a profile photo.

Although, some CSMs mentioned something which I found valid, and this is that they don't want to upload their photo. So, I was thinking about avatar creation.

It seems to me like a nice workaround for a startup. So:

1) What do you think about it
2) Could you suggest any - as much as it can be - professional tool/solution for avatar creation?

Thank you very much!


  • Jeff Heckler
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    Your thoughtfulness around the customer experience should be commended.

    Hopefully, you and your team can find a middle ground, because really, you're trying to connect with your audience.

    And I am all for increasing the personalization of the experience from a CS angle.

    Avatars are a great idea.

    Your team can get creative and have fun with them.

    Additionally, another option might be a pic or cartoon or an avatar of their personal interest: their pet, a favorite hobby...anything that speaks to them, is individualized, and is personalized.  

    I can say from experience, although it may sound juvenile, the more our Support and CS teams used emojis and images and playful banter in their chat comms, the more engaged our customers became and the more fun everyone had.

    And I only would say this from having lived it, because I was skeptical of this approach, at first.

    I am looking forward to hearing how this goes for you!

    Best regards,


    Jeff Heckler

    Director of Customer Success Solutions

    MarketSource, Inc.

  • Celine Bocchi
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    Hi Loukas,
    We left it open, so some have pictures, some use avatars (I use the one I created on Facebook), some use pictures of pets or anything else that represents them.
  • Loukas Gkoutis
    Loukas Gkoutis Member Posts: 4 Navigator
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    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and the time spent in your reply.

    I found myself enjoying the creation of avatars and I believe that it will be welcomed by the team.
    Also, the idea of avatars with their personal interests is nice and I will consider it.

    See you around :)
  • Loukas Gkoutis
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    Hi Celine,

    Thank you very much for your reply!

    I would prefer to choose a category of avatars or pictures, let's say only pets/objects or FB photos because I think it is nice to have consistency.
    FB photo is safe because everyone has one there, haha! Nice! Thank you!

    See you around,