Moving from Intercom to Zendesk for Customer Support - What are the

Luke Cullimore
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Hi there,

My company is a complex SAAS solution for SMEs and Enterprise - we have multiple 3rd party integrations and as a result very complex technical support queries.

We are currently in the process of assessing whether to move from Intercom for Customer Support to Zendesk. We plan to do a thorough assessment of each platform with appropriate Vendor Scorecards. 

However, I am reaching out early to hopefully hear any feedback / learnings from anyone who has made this same migration in the past. If you have moved from Intercom to Zendesk I'd love it if you could answer these questions.

1. Why did you migrate?

2. On a scale of 1-10 did this migration deliver against your expectations

3. What unexpected blockers / barriers did you run into as part of this migration?
4. Did you use Intercom for In App messaging as well as Support before migrating? If Yes which vendor did you choose to partner with for In App messaging when moving to Zendesk.

Any insights you can provide on the above would be amazing for me but I'm sure others as well. I will also aim to share our Vendor Score cards in the future for others that are also considering this change.




  • Bobby Thomson
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    Hey Luke,
    Good luck on this task. Migrations always seem to be painful at some level. I can't speak to Intercom but I know Zendesk as my company handles all CX support for different companies as a BPO. Happy to discuss or if you need additional support, I have a good team I can connect you with that are reasonable as Master Zendesk agents.
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    Hi Luke - I have worked extensively with Zendesk for smaller to larger size (complex workflow) Support team. The platform is robust. I am not familiar with Intercom, but quick scan shows me that their scope for Support is limited. So if you have already decided to migrate to Zendesk as opposed to evaluating and comparing, I think you should look at this holistically, as an overall new implementation instead of feature by feature migration. Then look at the features that directly interface across the two platform, create the right use cases that needs to work appropriately in Zendesk, ask Zendesk PS for help. I have worked extensively with them and they are pretty good. 

    Hope this helps and if you need more help DM me 

    Javed Maqsood
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