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Kevin Costello
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I am in the process of pivoting from investment operations to customer success.  Although, I have gained some traction with phones calls, referrals, and interviews, I still seem to be hitting some roadblocks.  Any advice or suggestions on conquering these obstacles?  I know there is a role out there.  I will keep knocking on doors to find the right opportunity that makes sense for both parties.  All feedback is welcome.

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  • Steve Bussey
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    Hey Kevin, congrats on your pivot. What types of obstacles are you hitting? Are you staying in the investment SaaS space, or going to a different industry? Your LinkedIn network is probably your biggest asset at this point. If you have any connections with roles in their company for customer success manager, then you could use that connection for a referral.
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    Hi Kevin - exciting times and empathize with your situation. There are a lot of great resources out there to help guide you. One of my favorites is SuccessHacker's:


    Additionally, like Steve mentioned your network is key:
    • referrals
    • practice interviewing with those in CS and collect feedback
    • STAR stories - get your success stories down that align to client/customer-facing management; retaining customers, presenting, problem solving, product expertise, cross-functional leadership, driving growth, strategy, etc. 
    • Make sure you're speaking the same language of the CS of that company and tailor your message based on data on website, job description, Linkedin Profiles, etc.
    • With career transitions, I do recommend aligning around industry expertise (FinTech/Investment SaaS) as that can help with a natural transition.
    • What are other obstacles? Salary expectations, culture-fit, etc. 
    • Join the CSM calls on Tuesdays from GGR.
    Just some ideas and wish you all the best!