Operationalizing Product/Usage Data for CS - Pendo vs BI

Scott Hair
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Community Members,

We're working to gain better insight into how our customer's leverage our products/platform and better articulate the value/efficiency they bring.  Today, we leverage a number of primary tools - SFDC, Pendo, Asana (integrated to SFDC) and Salesloft (integrated to SFDC).  *Note - we've not yet implemented a CS platform as we've been cleaning up SFDC data as our company has recently completed several acquisitions.  

Pendo, today, sits on top of each of our product offerings, however is not integrated into SFDC and/or any other tools for easy use by the CS team.   The CS team has login access to each product to gain an understanding of how the client is leveraging our services, but unfortunately this isn't scalable.  I'm looking to connect with individuals who have been able to leverage Pendo for the use of their CS team and/or others that have taken the approach of moving to a BI tool for easier consumption and analysis.  

Thank you in advance for your insights!