Thoughts on these specific CS Processes

Anish Bhalla
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Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! I have been challenged to think of a 3-step process to handle the below scenarios. I would love some insight from the community: 

- A 3 step process to meet & exceed renewal and churn targets
- A 3 step process to increase upsells

Thanks so much!


  • Jonna Pedersen
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    Hi Anish! Wondering why it has to be 3 steps? For meeting and exceeding renewal or churn targets, you may want to consider a renewal confidence program (leveraging a survey sent x amount of months prior to renewal) which can give your CSM team more runway to double down efforts for customers who say they don't plan to renew or are looking to make changes (also to thank the ones who say yes, definitely!) Also important to consider risk flags, escalation metrics and general customer sentiment.

    Upsells also can be fun! I wouid start by looking at what training is provided to the CS team to ensure they have the right knowledge on products to properly position an upsell. Spiffs, spin offs or commissions help too (tho I am of the camp that I worry about commission for CSMs).
    Happy to carry on the conversation!