What does the term value mean

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Having been working with new CSM's both internal and external one question I get asked is what does the term adding value mean. Below I have listed a few points what value means to me and how I "add value to customers 

Value for me is the ability to provide a customer something they cannot get/find themselves i.e Product/Industry information or experience.

How do I add value to my customers?
  • Provide the customer with industry or product information they cannot find elsewhere (An example I provide is The best day to post your adverts looking at our industry and site data is
  • Provide a positive experience to the customer 
  • Collect and apply feedback
  • Gather and share social proof (Customers competitor information to help justify decisions)
Has anyone got any other ways they add value to their customers 


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    Hi James,

    I like your definitions. One thought that occurred to me is that sometimes adding value can be "curating" available resources. You mentioned "the ability to provide a customer something they cannot get/find themselves." When I worked at ServiceNow, a huge value-add for some customers was just culling through the massive amount of documentation and resources to point out what was really relevant for a customer at the time. Said another, POINTING OUT the resources a customer has access to but may not have the time or intention to find. We can add value by helping customers help themselves. 

    Great topic and I hope to see more thoughts from others, too.

    Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

  • James Stuart
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    Hi @Tanya Strauss

    Totally agree. In my industry (recruitment) The one pushback I always get is "Time". I am too busy to do this or I don't have time to do this.  By making the process streamlined and giving the customer time back can be just as valuable and can set you apart.

    Many thanks for your comment
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    In my mind, this is probably the topic of discussion for CSM's - and also what our existence means for SaaS as a business.

    We have a Lead UX'er over at our place that I think puts it nicely overall - We develop, market and implement features that give our customers Superpowers they didn't have before. And so we try to look and identify what superpower a certain feature can give a customer. 

    The CSM comes in to play when that generalized superpower must be translated in to the customer's context. So in keeping with the analogy: The product gives Thor the ability to control lightning - I interpret his situation, and give him the idea to use it to supercharge Ironman's suit.