Account Plan Template

Allison Nussbaum
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Hello! I am new to this Community but have been following Gain Grow Retain on LinkedIn for quite some time. I am on my third stint as a CS leader in a SaaS startup and my current team is 3 strong and growing. We are a (mostly) enterprise solution so high-touch and we are starting 2022 with 32 customers. I have been in this role for just over 2 years and we have accomplished soooo much -- we have really good processes for most things, but in 2022 we are focused on developing good account plans for every customer. At the moment, I am responsible for renewals and expansion and I carry a revenue target. My team is comped on logo retention and their OKRs. I am ISO a template for CS account plans. Does anyone have anything that they love and would be willing to share? I have never loved the ones I used in prior companies so am starting from scratch. 

Thank you for any help!