Feedback requested - customer engagement strategies

Tammi Canelli
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I have been tasked with creating a customer engagement roadmap for our team summit that is taking place week after next.   For reference:
  • Team is very new with little process in place (all being built)
  • I am very new to customer success
That being said, I've started with identifying some strategies that I think would work for our customers (see attached).  I would really like some feedback from the experts in the field.

A little about our company/product, we are a SaaS company that does evacuation zones and planning for public safety.  My expertise before joining this team is emergency management.  One of our OKRs is increased monthly users.  Where I struggle is, putting my EM hat on, once the zones are in place and all the planning elements have been done, I wouldn't have a need to login back in unless it's time for the annual review/training or an incident happened.  So in cases of products like that, ones not typically used for day-to-day work, how do you keep customers engaged?

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  • Jay Krause
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    Hi Tammi,

    Two potential ideas to consider:
    1. Use your in-depth knowledge of the work being done by your customers to identify the cycle that they experience (overall, not just with your product). You can then insert points of engagement that will be contextual and value-add to what your customer is thinking about at that specific point.
      1. Ex. if the planning elements are completed and they are in executing mode - is there someone that if often overlooked that would make their lives easier down the line. If you're early in this process, don't be afraid to do more manual tasks like reviewing an individual's progress to provide them with a helpful recommendation. You'll be able to identify trends and formalize processes/automation down the line.
    2. More general advice, but I would recommend starting with less and doing it really well. For example, look at the ideas of an online community and customer event, identify your specific goals, then determine which can provide the best results with your resources on hand and double-down on the effort.
    Hope this was helpful!