Checklist for tasks that customer needs to complete

Shira Mizel
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Hey there! 

I work at a company where we trade data with customers. I'd like to design a document that can be shared with customers from the kickoff call that includes their "tasks" for the first year of using our service to set expectations and a timeline. 

I'd like to be able to edit the document with notes and ideally allow the customer to edit the document as well so it can be an ongoing guide for both of us. 

For example:

(Day 30) First Data Submission 
(Day 90) Success Call
Six Month Checkpoint
Nine Month Checkpoint
One Year Checkpoint

Does anyone have something along these lines that I can check out?

Or thoughts on building a customer task checklist and holding customers accountable to complete them?

Thanks so much!


  • Edward Skinner
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    Hi Shira - we recently started using Arrows to help with this. Our need is more focused on initial onboarding milestones (vs year 1 milestones), but it allows you to set due dates and then sends automatic reminders to internal and client stakeholders to complete tasks (ie update the running note document). You can also include a link to the google doc as well. 

    Other thought is that if you have an existing CRM, you could just set up auto-reminders based on the Contract Signed date to the account owner to check in with the customer / update the document / etc on 30 days post contract sign date, 60 days, etc. 

    Hope this helps!