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Dylan Stancil
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Hey GGR Community,

In what ways are you helping your customers engage with your organization's relevant content without overwhelming them with marketing-style emails?

I have considered putting together a monthly newsletter outlining the upcoming events and content releases but want to make sure it is adding value and not just creating noise. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  • Renee Murphy
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    Oh, this is so hard as I hate hearing "oh I had no idea" when you know that you have sent emails, newsletters, and app cues to try to engage people. Convinced no one reads anymore :) In the past we have tried all those things plus trying to do webinars, roundtables on specific problems are customers are trying to solve, and then weaving in the product feature that helps solve that problem. Also, I have tried to go to a pull model for new releases and future information so there is a clear location/resource for how they learn more so they can always go check it out. They remember they saw something -- deleted the email -- this gives them a go to place to find it. No silver bullets but some ideas

  • Shari Srebnick
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    Have you asked your customers how they would like to be made aware? A questionnaire built around their preferred methods of communication can help you meet them how and where they want to be met.

    Not sure of your business model and how many customers per CSM, but something to think about that's easy is creating short Loom videos and sending the link via email. If you know their goals/outcomes and current business challenges, you can create short Loom videos highlighting what would be most impactful to them. They can then watch it on their time ... AND you know if they open it.

  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    I always thought that in app, walk me style popups worked best for the new features aspect.

  • Amanda Flurry
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    Great question, Dylan!

    Emails are certainly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking through how to communicate with our customers. Like Jeffrey mentioned, in-app popups are really helpful and something I rely on, especially when I can tailor them to a specific audience. For example, I like to make sure that a user logging in for the first time gets a full walk through experience of all key features whereas a daily user, I might create an in-app popup to guide them to a specific feature that is being under utilized.

    There are lots of tools you might use to post in-app info. And full disclosure: I work for ChurnZero (and love it!). We have a ChurnZero feature called the in-app Success Center that is really helpful for this purpose. The Success Center is an in-app hub that brings together all the sources of information a customer relies on - from contact information for their account team, to reporting and links, to our knowledge base articles.

    When I do rely on email communication, timing is everything! If I know customers tend to run into difficulties with a particular feature, I am going to send an email with more information on that feature right after they've used that feature!

    What information are you finding most difficult to get out to customers?