Onboarding and CSE Process - Scheduling and Project Management

Andrea Perrino Millinder
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I am working on building up a new CS Team which includes CSM and CSE roles. Our CSE role will be helping to complete additional implementation work after the initial onboarding work is complete. I am curious if anyone uses a particular scheduling software or project management software to schedule customers for project work. We have a small team and would like to begin scheduling and forecasting project work for the year. We currently use Basecamp for our projects, but it is not helpful with scheduling future work and project timelines.


  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    Hi Andrea, 
    I have been using and recommending Rocketlane these days. It's built for onboarding and is pretty easy to use.
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    Hi, I work at EverAfter - and it might be relevant to you: At EverAfter we’ve designed templates to manage customer onboarding and implementation projects