Using SMS with Churnzero

Ely Lenik
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Hi Everyone, 

I'm currently in the process of rolling out Churnzero and am looking to implement SMS into our digital experience as most of our customer base rarely reads emails or has time to pick up the phone.  Has anyone had experience integrating an omnichannel communication platform on top of Churnzero or other CSP to make this happen?

Currently looking into SFDC Digital Engagement but would like other ideas of there are good ones out there.



  • Michaela Noe
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    Hi Ely,
    I haven't looked into this yet but we're also rolling out ChurnZero so I'm definitely following this post to learn more! Thanks!
  • Rachel Blackmon
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    Great idea!  We have ChurnZero and like you, most of our customers do not read emails.  I am going to look into this and will let you know how we proceed.
  • Kari Thor
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    Curious to the statement "our customers don't read email".

    Are you in B2B or B2C?

    If in B2B - what do your customers use if not email? :)

    We are having great results using email for our feedback system - and it's focused on B2B relationships. So pretty sure customers are using email it's just the content has to be worth their time to read (and react).

    The preferred method of communication between our users and their clients is overwhelmingly email.

  • Ely Lenik
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    Hi @Kari Thor,

    Thanks for responding. We are B2B but in the extremely old school and largely tech-averse industry of automotive aftermarket and many of our customers just do not engage via email. I know this seems anathema and that's because it is. Short of making tons of phone calls or even showing up in person it is difficult to get their attention.