Building a CS Team from Scratch

Gabriel Fallas
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@Jeff Breunsbach posted a question about templates/playbooks for CS leaders building their team from scratch last week and it sparking a neat conversation:


@Ronald Krisak  @Daryl Colborne  @Petra Makaremi and myself are in the group of CS folks that are being tasked with building a CS Team/Organization from the ground up and are looking to set-up a Zoom session to delve deep into this subject:

-What should your Roadmap look like and how should you prioritize projects?  

- How should you approach and execute new initiatives?  

- When do you start making workflow changes with sales, marketing, product, on-boarding?

- and many other questions!


We'll be meeting this Wednesday at 4:00pm Eastern Time. If you want to join, post a comment below and Daryl will add you the the invite.