How to effectively automate a one-to-many webinar process

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Hello All, 

My team is launching a fully digital onboarding and engagement process for our small market clients, and we are going to be leveraging Zoom Webinars, coupled with Salesforce and ChurnZero to drive adoption with our small market clients. Where I'm struggling is with the mechanics of how to track who signs up, who attends/doesn't attend, and effectively communicate follow up. 

Has anyone launched something using a similar tech stack successfully that can point me in the right direction? Best answer we have now is manually uploading lists from Zoom to CZ, and I'd like to avoid that much manual effort. 



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    Could you use the Campaign object in SFDC when they sign up on Zoom? I have yet to use CZ but do they have SFDC objects like Campaigns that you can sync with? That should get you what you want.
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    Hi Brady,

    You may want to check Zapier to automate the connection between the platforms.
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    Brady, if you're fully digitizing onboarding and engagement with webinars, you should look at automating your webinars instead of doing them live through Zoom which isn't scalable.

    Check out eWebinar ( which saves CS teams from doing the same webinar over and over again by turning videos into webinars (from lead capture, to reminders, to follow ups, etc).

    All the registrants and attendee data points (and more) you're looking to send into SFDC and ChurnZero can be done through Zapier already.

    Disclaimer, I'm the Cofounder and CEO. You can see how other CS teams are building their digital CS/tech touch program on this use cases page:

    Happy to help if you have questions!