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Hey GGR family.

I have been solely focused on CS Enablement for the past year plus, and it seems almost weekly I connect with someone in the field who is just entered a CS Enablement role or is thinking about getting into it/starting it at their company. However, I always get the same question:

"Where can I learn more about CS Enablement? All I can find is Sales Enablement resources."

I've really never had a good answer for this. I basically tell them to read books on CS, Learning & Development Theory, and the few Sales Enablement books out there. It is what I do, but it really isn't a good answer. When I started our Enablement function I felt I needed my own enablement, but couldn't find any.

So, I've kicked up a blog where I will be posting monthly for now, and eventually every one or two weeks. The goal here is simple: provide a better resource for new CS Enablement professionals than I had... and selfishly to challenge my own strategies and ideas as I put these in text and share these to the community. If my content would be helpful to any of you or your team members, please feel free to share out with them.

I am actively compiling a list of knowledge/resource gaps for CS Enablement that I plan to help resolve with future posts. I would love to know what topics you all feel need answers in regards to CS Enablement. Let me know in comments and I'd be happy to take on the challenge and add them to my list of topics to cover.

Will Buckingham

Customer Success Operations Manager, Enablement


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    Hey @William Buckingham - A little late to the game, but so glad to have come across this post. Thank you for sharing and creating this content. I'd love to hear more about some of the biggest lessons you learned in your first year+ in the Enablement role and things you may have done differently. Where would you focus your attention if you were to build out a CS Enablement function from scratch again?

  • coreykossack
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    Way to go, @William Buckingham! Awesome to see you in here providing value to the community.