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Derek Marley
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Hey! anyone else out there have a great health (green, yellow, red ) workflow for a SaaS product customers use daily?



  • bfarber
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    Hi Derek,

    Great question! One SaaS organization may have multiple health scoring models which they use to assess their customer's health. These models can be based on certain considerations such as position in the customer lifecycle (i.e. different health scoring models for customers in onboarding phase, training phase, year 1, year 2, etc.) or a customer's product edition (i.e. different health scoring models for customers on Bronze/Silver/Gold edition). These models can then be built out and calculated using a combination of qualitative and quantitative health score factors, or whatever makes sense for your business case.

    There is no perfect health scoring formula, but below are a few resources which may help you further understand health scoring and start establishing it for your SaaS product.

    >Customer Health Scoring Cheat Sheet has a complete description of health scoring and key terms to enrich your Customer Success vocabulary. You will also learn the distinction between quantitative and qualitative factors of health scores as well as health scoring tips and optimization techniques.

    >Webinar on How to Drive Predictable Revenue Using Customer Health Scores covers the important factors to consider when building actionable health scores, how to develop a regular cadence to both review and react to changing health scores, and the impact of customer health scoring upon retention, revenue, and company valuation.

    I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!


  • Allison Mortens
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    Hi Derek! Building off of Bella's comment, I encourage my customers to look at both sides of the coin. What makes your customers "healthy", yes, but also why do your customers churn? Looking at the positive behaviors as well as the indicators for churn will help you build a well-rounded health score. I recommend that my customers look at customers who have churned this year (about the last 6 months or so - how is it June?!) and finding common behaviors, or lack thereof.

    • Were they a good product fit?
    • Were they reasonably responsive to engagement attempts? (calls, emails, surveys, etc.)
    • What actions or events did they execute, or not execute?
    • Was there a restructure, either from being acquired or acquiring other businesses?
    • ...Plus other items that are specific to your product and industry

    Looking at the indicators for churn in addition to positive behaviors will provide a well-rounded base to start building health scores from!

    Hope this is helpful!