SLA for Community Posts?

Do you have an SLA for community posts? One that you share publicly?

In my experience we had a one business day expectation response time that we almost always exceeded. For simple issues it might be linking to a knowledge base article, or even another thread that covers the question. For more complicated issues it was an update that I am looking for the right resource to help and would follow up soon. Then followed up with updates until we found the resource. All posts were updated regularly and the key was bookmarking them and looking at those bookmarks each day to see what needed an update. When it got busier, it became a daily report of unanswered questions or last update by date. 

Have you tackled this? Or have ideas? I would love to hear it. 


  • Heather Wendt
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    This is a really good question as you look at utilizing community to help with customer questions @Brian O'Keeffe. We had a loose version of this at my last role, but did not have any documentation such as an SLA to cover expectations. I can see this being an important process to put bumpers around for consistent follow-through. Would love to hear what others might be doing in this space!